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While sometimes it seems like a fruitless task (jeez there are a LOT) I have at least, finally, visited all of the Harry Potter filming locations in Yorkshire and North East England! The Forbidden Forest appeared in many of the Harry Potter books, and it played host to some of the series eeriest moments, like Harry and Ron’s encounter with the giant spider known as Aragog. 10 famous filming locations across Ireland 1. Filming for the third Harry Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” took place on location in Glencoe in May and June 2003. The Cliffs of Moher, County Clare. Thanks for visiting the Irish road trip! While Ireland’s image is often a splash of festivals, pub sessions, and our trademarked ‘craic’ (good fun) – there is... At certain times of the year, just off the 214m-high Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, the conditions are just right... Landscapes in Ireland can get under your skin, but for some writers, poets and playwrights, though, they can do even... Invigorate your soul with seaweed baths, creative courses and some of the best coastal walks in Europe. Welcome to one of the world's great roadtrips: the spectacular Causeway Coastal Route. When cliffs like that hit the big screen it just blows you away.”. A Harry Potter-themed store is also located in the station near the plaque. Harry’s life and Dumbledore’s life are on the line. Also see our Top 10 Harry Potter film locations around Britain. Check out the Harry Potter walking tour of London. Adored by fashion fans and value seekers alike Primark is widely established as the destination store for keeping up with the latest looks without breaking the bank. Wherein lies the secret: the Cliffs of Moher are real. “The Cliffs of Moher would offer the director of photography an astonishingly beautiful, full-scale real set. Can you check it and try again? Click to save and share, Dave Davin is an Irish cameraman and producer and thinks he knows why the cliffs look so good on screen. These impressive crags were featured in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Taking in all of the Star Wars spots in Ireland pairs especially well with a Wild Atlantic Way road trip. Closest tube station: King's Cross St. Pancras, 5 min walk From a spellbinding tour of the studio where Harry Potter was filmed to a luxury chauffeur-driven tour of film spots, check out more Harry Potter attractions. 7 ways to avoid queues and sample the unusual in Ireland. Here’s a load of things to do in Wicklow while you’re there! Harry is on the hunt for horcruxes. OK, these are all places in Ireland that I’ve always thought looked like iconic sets from the Harry Potter series. The filming location for several different scenes throughout the series, you may recognize it as the location of Hagrid’s hut during the first two films, the Forbidden Forest, or where Hagrid showed Harry the dragons in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.. Fun fact: Black Park appears at least once in every Harry Potter film. All five of them. Behind his glasses are a set of eyes so stunned you’d think he’d seen He Who Must Not Be Named. From Dublin's buzzing streets to Derry~Londonderry’s ancient walls, Ireland's cities are a joy. You have entered an incorrect email address! One such perk Dumbledore enjoys is the enviable ability to “apparate” himself and Harry Potter to an unrivaled vantage point. Why Moher? Stop almost anywhere in the Irish landscape, and you’ll find proof of the country’s ancient past close to hand. Discover airlines flying to Ireland from your location. Here’s a load of things to do in Kilkenny while you’re there! This morning depart Glasgow for Glencoe, passing beautiful Loch Lomond. Huge black cliffs are sulking behind mist from a dark sea. If you watched the Chamber of Secrets (the one with the big aul snake slithering around inside the castle walls), you’ll remember one of the final scenes where Harry and Co. battle their way through the Chamber in the belly of Hogwarts. If you’ve ever visited the crypt in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, you may seem some likeliness to the chamber where part of Tom Riddle’s soul caused havoc. Fiz o roteiro 'Harry Potter Film Locations in the City', que percorre o centro histórico e financeiro da 'City', a partir da estação Bank. Avoid the crowds and enjoy reduced rates if you visit before 11am or after 4pm. From the deepest valleys of the Scottish Highlands to the seemingly haunted halls of English castles, here are 25 real-life Harry Potter film locations scattered across Britain that are open to wizarding visitors. Want to know more? Lights, camera, action – start your journey to uncover the cinematic landscapes of Ireland. Now it turns out that... Holiday ideas, news, offers… sign up for our ezine and we’ll keep you in touch with Ireland. Two hundred and 14 metres of real height. We recommend planning your trip early and buying your tickets at least 6 weeks in advance. A parada mais emocionante foi no Leadenhall Market, um mercado coberto lindo usado no primeiro filme da franquia. Learn how your comment data is processed. The island that Harry and professor Lupin are staring at in the prisoner of Azkaban looks to me identical to a view in Connemara just around letterfrack and seen in a few other scenes. Ah, Azkaban – the wizard prison that’s home to prison guards known as ‘Dementors’/. The forest, which is thick with trees and undergrowth such as knotgrass and thorns, gives it an almost daunting, while still beautiful, appearance. A cave at the cliffs was used during the filming of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Note: Please fill in your email address manually instead of copy/pasting it. These gliding, wraith-like Dark creatures riddled my dreams for about a month after reading the 3rd book for the first time. For those of you that have visited Kilkenny City, the chances are that you’ll have walked by, or ventured through, the gorgeous Butter Slip Lane. Ireland’s home to many an ancient prison, but none are as secluded as Spike Island in Cork. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this high-traffic location was fittingly used for a chaotic scene where Harry, Ron and Hermione almost got … The Leaky Cauldron is a wizarding pub and inn in London that served as the gateway to the wizarding world. The Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast is almost a replica to the pub that I pictured in my mind all those years ago. A cave at the cliffs was used during the filming of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. James Player / 5. We're now creating gorgeous maps of Ireland that show your Irish adventures! “You won't get it anywhere else. This means that tickets get booked up months in advance. Howaya! The following are locations used by Warner Bros. to film the fictional locations in the Harry Potter film series. Harry’s life and Dumbledore’s life are on the line. “Being me has its privileges.” Dumbledore wasn’t joking. From above or below through the lens, the images are spectacular. I recently stubled across Ballyhannon Castle while writing an article on the best castles to spend a night in Ireland. Dumbledore isn’t the only one with privileges. There’s a Harry Potter Ireland link. Behind his glasses are a set of eyes so stunned you’d think he’d seen He Who Must Not Be Named. There are airports throughout the Island with international arrivals. I Love You still endures. The journey takes them to a cave on the west coast of Ireland. The Cliffs of Moher are hands down one of the most spectacular filming locations in Ireland. Excited your interest? Walk this way. If you’re a visitor from the island of Ireland you may want to visit one of these sites… Otherwise proceed to Harry is on the hunt for horcruxes. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments section at the end of this guide. © Copyright © 2020 The Irish Road Trip | All Rights Reserved. The only real Harry Potter filming location in Ireland is the Cliffs of Moher. They can even be imagined in CGI. Hexagonal columns, a wishing chair and a giant’s foot? That, and those eight dramatic headlands rolling off into the distance.”, Film commissioner of the Irish Film Board Naoise Barry agrees. Travelling to Ireland: visa and passport information, Ireland information: your Ireland travel checklist. Katherine Webster, director of the Cliffs of Moher visitor centre, has an idea: “What sets the cliffs apart from many of the others is how sheer they are. This page has been save to your Scrapbook, Holiday ideas, news, offers… sign up for our ezine and we’ll keep you in touch with Ireland, Still searching for your special place? These sunset shots of Ireland will be the bright spot of your day. I thought this location was so beautiful in the movies so it … Diagon Alley is a cobblestone wizarding shopping mecca that’s found behind a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. Explore incredible sights from Belfast to Derry~Londonderry along this legendary coastline. OK, so the 20,000 sq. Smyths Toys is the leading provider of kids toys and entertainment with over 100 stores throughout the UK and Ireland This place (which you can also rent for a night) looks like something plucked straight from Gryffindor Tower. Think a friend might enjoy this article? The journey takes them to a cave on the west coast of Ireland. The Burren located in Ireland’s County Clare is a landscape of bedrock, used as the location where Harry and Hermione “Apparate” to after camping in the Forest of Dean, no longer accompanied by Ron in Deathly Hallows Part One. They’re most definitely unique. In the clip above, you’ll see Harry and Dumbledore head off on a quest to find one of Voldemorts Horcruxes. In fact, you can have your very own Harry Potter-inspired break, with plenty of stunning filming locations across the UK still taking you back to that first moment you saw Hogwarts. We couldn’t have described Connemara better if we tried. When I first read about this place in the books, I pictured an old pub with ancient décor and a cosy vibe. The political boundaries and governance of Ireland in the wizarding world are uncertain. Shop at Ireland's biggest range of kids toys. You have Scrapbooks created. From the books and the audiobooks to the movies and the theme parks, Harry Potter and the world that he inhabits has been a part of my life since the days that I was legging it around a primary school yard in chase of a burst football. There are lots more magical Harry Potter moments to be had in London. A detailed and comprehensive guide to the Harry Potter filming locations in Scotland, including the Hogwarts Express train (The Jacobite), the dramatic Scottish Highlands train scenery, the location of Hagrid's hut (Glencoe) and the location of Dumbledore's grave (Eilean na Moine). Why? See & DoNatural landscapes and sights. Here’s some food for thought. It may be a single political entity under the jurisdiction of the British Ministry of Magic. This is default text for notification bar, ES! YES! As scenes go, as set pieces go, this is big – and only the epic will do. London is the perfect city for Harry Potter fans because not only the Harry Potter studios are located in London but also some of the most important film locations like Diagon Alley, Plattform 9 3/4, Gringotts, the visitor entrance of the Ministry of Magic and the Headquarter of the Orden of the Phoenix. The Reptile House at London Zoo is the real life location where Harry sets that Burmese python free near the beginning of the veeery first Harry Potter movie. Northern Irish witches and wizards have the option to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland. 5. Of course, it’s a long way from "take one" to the big screen. A place so real that it can be seen up close and in person, whenever we like. Over the years I’ve gone on many rambles out to Gougane Barra in Cork, and I’ve always found my mind wandering back to the forest that sits on the edge of the grounds of Hogwarts. Or is it? How can you be sure that it'll translate to the movie theatre? The tragic romance of P.S. So why Ireland? Ashridge, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire (Forbidden Forest and various woodland scenes in all films) Ballycastle is located here which is home to the Ballycastle Bats Quidditch team. Harry Potter locations across the UK have been drawing in both muggles and wizards for years, but there's one spot proving particularly popular.. This particular point is before a set of sea cliffs on the west coast of Ireland. Why Clare? Blustery clifftops, crashing seas and a whip of Atlantic air in the face are awesome in real life. Irish Home. You... Russet leaves, frosty mornings and a crispness in the air are just some of the sensory joys autumn brings. Now, while only, Now, before we dive into the locations that, 17 Swanky Airbnbs With Hot Tubs In Ireland That You Can Rent In 2020, 49 Best Things To Do In Donegal In 2020 (Hidden Gems And Tourist Favourites), Group Accommodation Ireland: 21 GORGEOUS Gaffs You Can Rent With Mates In 2020, 42 Brilliant Things To Do In Kerry This Summer (Mountains, Beaches, Pubs + More), 20 Swanky Castles Hotels In Ireland Where You Can Spend A Night, 21 Underrated Towns In Ireland Perfect For A Mighty Weekend Away This Autumn, Northern Lights in Ireland 2020: Your Guide to Seeing the sky above Ireland Sing. Thinking about checking it out? It is located at the north east tip of the island of Ireland, and shares this island with the Republic of Ireland. Huge black cliffs are sulking behind mist from a dark sea. The Harry Potter Shop offers a really well-rounded selection of wands and souvenirs from the Harry Potter movies in addition to souvenirs from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Three sets were built near the bottom of Clachaig Gully, just across the road from the Clachaig Inn. Is there anywhere that I’ve missed? Now, before we dive into the locations that could have been used during the filming for the movies, here’s the one scene that created the Harry Potter Ireland link.

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